What information is required to rent a flat?

Completed application form with all supporting documents; including:
1. Certified copy of original ID document.
2. Original or certified copy of latest payslip.
3. Original or certified copy of 3 months’ recent bank statement – employed.
4. Original or certified copy of 6 months’ recent bank statement – self-employed.
5. Certified copy of Company / Close Corporation registration forms (where applicable).
6. Original proof of payment of lease fee.

How long does the application process take?

The application process can take anywhere between one (1) and three (3) hours from submission of all required documents, subject to employment and credit worthiness being confirmed, where applicable. This may take longer during peak leasing periods.

How much will I be required to pay?

You will be required to pay a once off admin fee, as well as a deposit (if applicable), and first month’s rent before signing a lease, and this value will vary, depending on the building and unit type you choose, based on your budget.

Does my rent include my electricity, water and sewerage?

No, electricity, water and sewerage are all billed separately.

Electricity and water are billed according to the meter readings taken for your unit, except where prepaid electricity meters are installed, in which case you are required to buy a voucher to obtain electricity.

Sewerage is billed at a fixed monthly rate according to the City of Johannesburg tariff schedule, which charge increases on 1 July each year.

How many people are allowed to stay in a flat?

Number of occupants* per unit:
Bachelor – 2 occupants
1 bedroom – 3 occupants
2 bedrooms – 4 occupants
3 bedrooms – 6 occupants
* LTC reserves the right to increase / reduce occupancy at their sole discretion

Do I have to maintain my unit?

Yes, you should aim to hand back your unit, at the end of your tenancy, in the same state as you found it when you moved in. You would then get your deposit with interest refunded.

Can I allow my rent to be in arrears?

No. Rent must be paid by the 1st of the month. Under exceptional circumstances you may apply for an arrangement to pay at a later date, however approval is at the sole discretion of the landlord.

Can I be evicted if I do not pay my rent?

Yes, you will be required to vacate your unit within 48 hours. Your deposit will be forfeited for any outstanding amounts owed. Further legal action may also be instituted and you may be listed on TPN credit bureau as a bad paying tenant which could affect your ability to rent from another landlord in future.

Can I terminate (end) my lease and leave the premises without a 30 day notice period?

For any lease concluded prior to 1 April 2011, a calendar months’ notice is required. This begins on the 1st of the month.
For all leases concluded after 1 April 2011 (the introduction of the Consumer Protection Act or CPA), 20 business days’ notice is required, meaning that notice can be served at any time within the month – not only the 1st.

Can I cancel the notice to vacate a flat?

Yes, provided the unit has not already been re-let to someone else since the notice to terminate was served. Where the unit has already been let to another tenant, you will be required to vacate according to your notice, alternatively we may provide you with an alternative unit where one is available in the building.

Can I sublet a part of my unit?

On no account can any part of a unit be sublet. Any tenant attempting to sublet his/her unit will be given notice and may be blacklisted as a bad tenant.

Can I make alterations or additions to my rental unit?

No alterations of any kind may be made.

No, the person who signed the lease is the legal tenant. In the case of a death or a divorce, the family member remaining in the apartment should contact LTC immediately, produce a death or divorce certificate, and sign a new lease agreement in their name, if they qualify.

Should I report vandalism, littering, loitering etc. to the building manager and LTC Property Management?

Yes! On no account should you allow irresponsible people to affect the safety or cleanliness of the building you live in. Damaging property is a criminal offence. An individual may be prosecuted, and if convicted, will have a criminal record.

Can I change the door locks without informing LTC?

No, if you need to change your locks for any reason, you must inform your building manager, and the work will be carried out by LTC contractors, at your expense. LTC needs to be able to access any unit in an emergency situation

Can I rent a parking bay as well?

Yes. A separate parking application needs to be completed and can be done at the same time as the unit application, or any time thereafter, and a separate lease will need to be signed. Before signing the lease a one month deposit and first month’s rent must be paid.

Can I repair my car in the parking bay?

No. Other tenants have the right to park their cars in a clean, uncluttered parking area.

Do I have to pay for any damages caused by my visitors?

Yes, the situation is handled exactly as if you caused the damage yourself. As the legal tenant, you are responsible for the behaviour of your visitors.

Can someone stay overnight in my unit, if I already have the maximum number of adults allowed in the unit?

No, the rules for overcrowding will be strictly adhered to for the sake of all the tenants in the building.